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ISSP Managed Services help organizations to improve their capabilities in monitoring their IT infrastructure to discover hidden vulnerabilities, behavioral anomalies, early threat detection and respond to incidents.

Welcome to ISSP SOC: Your Shield in the Digital Realm

ISSP Security Operations Center offers a comprehensive range of services, encompassing 24x7 security monitoring, incident response, vulnerability management, advanced threat detection, and digital forensic services.  

Our SOC as a Service, a cloud-based solution, provides robust protection, efficient vulnerability detection, and a suite of advanced tools including SIEM, EDR, Vulnerability Scanner, SOAR, Sandbox, and Digital Forensic & Incident Response Tools. We ensure not only a powerful defense but also a smooth user experience.

​Our cost-effective approach allows organizations to elevate their security posture without the need for substantial investments in infrastructure and personnel by selecting only currently required SOC services.  

Ready to Start a New Cybersecurity Era in Your Company?

Turnkey Managed Security Services


Comprehensive Managed Security Services: Explore Our Offerings

Prevent cyber threats from escalating with proactive identification and neutralization. Ideal for maintaining a secure digital landscape leveraging the endpoint telemetry by uncovering hidden threats before they become critical.

Proactively secure systems by identifying and addressing weaknesses by regular incremental Vulnerability Scanning.

Essential for ongoing defence against evolving threats, ensuring a reduction of Attack Surface.

Swiftly respond to security incidents while maintaining compliance.

Crucial for meeting industry standards and minimizing potential impact through logs correlation and effective incident response.

Elevate security posture with certified experts to respond the critical incidents. Essential for a thorough investigation, containment, and recovery from security incidents, ensuring a robust defence against evolving cyber threats.

Efficiency and Security Aligned:
How Our SOC Elevates Your Business

Since 2015
Robust Technological Stack and Professional Advancement

Cutting-Edge Services
to Diverse Groups of Demanding Customers, Including Critical Infrastructure Operators and SMEs

Threat Coverage 

"ISSP has become the go-to firm for victims of Ukraine's cyber-war."

WIRED Magazine 

Global Expertise

With daily advanced threat analysis in corporate infrastructures globally, our team brings unique insights and expertise to safeguard your organization against region-specific cyber threats, including sophisticated APTs.

Automated Compliance Management 

ISSP SOC ensures compliance by detecting and reporting deviations, reducing the risk of issues. Proactive measures keep your organization aligned with industry regulations.

Faster, Cost-Effective Threat Response 

Businesses and organizations partnering with ISSP SOC can detect and respond to cyber threats faster and more effectively. Our services enable clients to handle advanced threats at lower costs, ensuring a comprehensive and efficient response to potential security incidents. 

Security Components Maintenance for Continuous Security 

ISSP SOC addresses security issues through certified administrators, ensuring devices are up-to-date and secure. Proactive administration minimizes vulnerabilities, ensuring continuous and reliable security infrastructure operation.

Advanced Detection with Cutting-Edge Technology

ISSP SOC uses advanced technology, including AI and machine learning, to proactively detect and mitigate cyber threats, ensuring robust defense against evolving attacks.

Best-in-Class IAM Solutions as a Service 

ISSP SOC provides top-notch Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions as a service. Benefit from automated access control without platform support complexities, streamlining IAM for enhanced security and accessibility.

ISSP Security Operations Center Organisational structure

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